A Beer in Review: Our First Year of Brews

October 10, 2017


In Ontario, craft beer has flourished into a thriving industry. Bitte Schon Brauhaus has only been open a year, but in that time, we’ve been thrilled to help contribute to an endlessly innovative, creative community of brewers. Join us as we look back on our past creations and sneak a peek at what's coming up in the future!


The First Three
Every brewery has to start somewhere. We began with three distinct, traditional styles of craft German beer to introduce our boutique microbrewery to the town.

  • Good Neighbour – Schwartz: With a nice, medium body and a dark, sweetly malty taste, the Good Neighbour was our way of introducing our unique style to the neighbourhood.

  • Huron Street – Hefeweizen: Named after the street our brewery lives on, the Huron Street was so heavily requested that it’s still on our taps today! With a light body and notes of banana and bubblegum, this is a beer that’s passed the test of time.

  • New Hamburg – Munich Helles: This German Helles was an easy-drinking, deep honey-coloured way to showcase our passion for German brewing.

The Lighter Brews

Our refreshing light brews were ideal for New Hamburg’s warm summer and found popularity among sightseers, picnickers, and kayakers along the Nith River.

  • Punkydoodle – Pilsner: This light-bodied bitter brew gained a strong fan base among our community, and we still have people coming in to try and find it again.

  • Cushmans – Dortmunder: Sweet fruitiness balanced out this strongly bitter brew. We named this beer in honor of Josiah Cushman, who built the grist-mill that kindled the development of New Hamburg.

  • Kilbride – Kolsch: With a clean, honeyed finish and notes of clove and banana, this was a unique and refreshing accompaniment to a summer afternoon by the river.

  • Lynnford – Bock: This cloudy yellow beer had it all – slightly malty and with gentle bitters, the Lynnford was perfect for seasonal parties and sharing with friends.

The Darker Brews

Boasting complex flavour and unique brewing styles, our darker beers made any fall or winter night a cozy one.

  • King Eddie’s – Dunkelweizen: King Eddie’s surprised us by becoming the undisputed king of our winter beers. We were swamped by requests for this dark, chocolatey wheat brew.

  • Zehr – Märzen: We thought it fitting to roll out this Märzen for spring, since this style of beer is typically served during March. With a gorgeous amber shade and a sweet, smooth finish, Zehr was a lovely way to celebrate the changing seasons.

  • Voisin – Vienna: Named after The Imperial’s owner, Marie Voisin, this easy-going amber lager was quick to produce lots of talk (and empty glasses) among the community.

  • 662 – Red Pilsner: This garnet-coloured beer, named after New Hamburg’s landline code, provided a medium body that paired perfectly with meaty dinners.

  • Bamberg – Rauchbiere: One of our more distinctive beers, the Bamberg boasted a subtly smokey flavor, evoking memories of bonfires and making the winter months a bit cozier.

  • Down the Block – Dopplebock: Coming in at a hefty 7.5% ABV, Down the Block mixed a fun, malty tang with notes of sweet dark chocolate and coffee.

  • Alder Creek – Altbier: This beer packed a lot of taste into a glass! With notes of caramel and toffee, this was the perfect beer to drink on a crisp fall day.

  • King Gordon – Maibock: King Gordon was introduced on the Canada Day weekend, and with a 6.3% ABV, peachy aromas, and mild malt, it was quickly adopted as a party favorite.

Our Current Brews

Come visit us in New Hamburg to try some of the beers we currently have on tap. Our lineup has a little something for everyone, and if you’re lucky enough to drop by on October 14th, you just might get to see one of our beers as it's being brewed!

  • River Monster – Pilsner: Brewed with hops from our neighbours in Tavistock, this smooth beer offers a floral nose and a gorgeous honey tone.

  • Ernie Ritz – Hopaweizen: Love hops? This bitter wheat beer is waiting to wake you up with notes of citrus and a refreshingly light body.

  • Chubby Cheeks – Czech Lager: A mild malt and clean aftertaste make this traditional Czech lager pair well with everything.

  • Setanta – Stout: With a satisfying oatmeal profile and a chocolate coffee nose, this surprisingly light stout is claiming a place as a new fall favourite.

  • The Wild – Cream Ale: Named in honour of the local lacrosse team, this cream ale is a crowd-pleaser with no bitterness or malt, instead showcasing fruity aromas and esters.

Coming Soon
We can't say too much about this beer just yet, but our Cherry Red Ale is shaping up to be a luscious, darkly fruity way to kick off our second year of business. Check in at our boutique microbrewery to see when it's available!

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