Gluten Free Beer

It's true, great beer can bring so much joy into our day.


Earlier this year we noticed that there were no craft breweries in our area creating quality, tasteful gluten free beers. We decided to change that.


We are now serving, on tap and in cans, 3 styles of locally made, gluten free beers, GlutenMorgen, GlutenAbend and GlutenNacht. We are doing our best to always have at least one of these beers available but the ultimate goal is to have all 3 available at all times. 


We brew the beers without gluten, using sorghum and rice. The beers are brewed gluten free not gluten reduced. We sanitize everything all of the time, as good brewing is good sanitation so it's not difficult for us to keep the brewing process free of gluten contamination.


As our facility is NOT certified Gluten Free it may not be suitable for individuals with Celiac Disease and you should definitely use your own discretion in trying it. 

Here is a testimonial from a local who has tried our gluten free beers. 

I did get spend a number of years enjoying beer before having to go on a strict gluten-free diet. 


I was happily shocked when the Bitte Schon account mentioned a surprise coming up. 

I know how costly and difficult brewing a gluten-free beer is - so I am very appreciative any

time a brewery takes on the challenge.


I'm biased towards only taking gluten-free beer recommendations from other gluten-free

people. Regular beer drinkers are biased towards barley and wheat - and I don't think that

they can really give a gluten-free beer a try without that bias.


With all that being said - Glutennacht is freaking amazing. I'd put in easily my top 5 beers. I

t's got a great body and head, really drinkable - not weird fruity aftertaste like a lot of GF

beers. I'd easily buy this by the 24.

I would 100% submit this to the World Beer Cup.


This Beer is delicious. I don't have to drink gluten free but it's just a great beer and I like it. I have tried other gluten free beers and they taste different. This just tastes like a beer. 



Brewing gluten free is more a little costly than brewing mainstream beers but we are happy to create a quality product knowing that customers are going to truly enjoy it and join us drinking great, local, craft beer.


We are open Fridays and Saturdays. These beers are available on tap and packaged so you can take them home to your friends and families. If you are a licensee and you would like to try it, please contact us.

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